Monday, October 23, 2006

Yes, Kansas, There IS an Unbiased Energy Audit!

Here’s another indication of heartland communities coming to grips with the energy costs that place a relentless drain on organizational finances. The County Commissioners of Shawnee County, Kansas agreed to secure an energy audit for three county-owned buildings. This decision, however, was not made without some debate. At least one Commissioner felt “wary of backing the county into a corner where it would have no choice but to have the firm that conducts the audit put its recommendations in place.” The Commissioners apparently assumed that energy audits are provided only by organizations with a commercial ax to grind. This is sometimes the case. But it's not clear if the Commissioners realized that independent engineering consulting firms can provide an unbiased audit. They could have found any number of independent energy auditors by contacting the Kansas-Missouri Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers. On October 20, the Commissioners selected Chevron Energy Solutions to audit energy, water and other utility usage at the three buildings. The cost of the energy audit will be $28,406. The cost of installing any recommended energy-saving measures would be paid by the subsequent savings in energy costs. We should anticipate positive results from the energy audit, and hope that other communities watch and take note.



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