Sunday, February 25, 2007

Energy Calculators and Benchmarking Tools

This is a sampling of free energy evaluation tools on the Internet for buildings and industrial processes:

1. Life-Cycle Costing Analysis (BC Hydro).
A very good introduction to the subject of life-cycle costing. A must-have reference for explaining the folly of choosing equipment purchases on the basis of up-front costs alone.

2. Energy Accounting: A Key Tool in Managing Energy Costs (Calif. Energy Commission).
Topics in this document include: Seven reasons for energy accounting… Getting started… What causes variations in energy use? Understanding utility bills… methods of energy accounting… means of energy accounting… Features of energy accounting software… Tips on software selection.

3. Building Energy Software Directory (U.S. Department of Energy)
Access a wide variety energy calculation, simulation, and analysis software. For energy, emissions, and water evaluation. About 20 links on this page, each link leads to its own family of additional links.

4. Energy Analysis Software (Natural Resources Canada).
Energy unit conversion and intensity calculator
Industrial energy intensity calculator

Office appliance energy consumption calculator

5. Office Appliance Energy Calculator (U.S. EPA/EnergyStar)

6. Industrial Energy Benchmarking Guides and Publications (NR Canada)
Benchmarking data by industry sector. Many reports are in place; more are being added all the time.

7. Benchmark Your Building (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Online building energy-use calculator and benchmark your performance against similar facilities.

8. Portfolio Manager Overview (U.S. EPA/Energy Star)
Build an energy-use performance database for a portfolio of buildings.



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