Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We're Already as Efficient as We Can Be!


This means you can focus on other things, because your energy bills are under control. Or are they? I will agree with you only under several conditions:

1. All the past improvements you made remain fully implemented. Staff are not taking procedural shortcuts. All energy data is being assimilated and reacted to in a timely fashion, and you KNOW exactly how much energy you are using per unit of production, per square foot, or hour of operation, etc.

2. Technology and regulation have remained completely static since you became 100% efficient. No new technologies or practices have become available, so there have been no potential improvements to consider.

3. All of your staff with institutional knowledge of energy and utility systems remain in place. They haven't been lost to attrition. New employees come in knowing all they need to know about energy-smart behavior, so they pose no threat to your efficiency whatsoever.

4. Your assets have not been depreciated through use. In other words, your efficient equipment is still sitting undisturbed in the packing grease in which it was shipped.

5. Fuel prices have remained stable since you became fully efficient. That "five-year payback" opportunity is still a five-year payback, and it always will be.

6. For whatever reason, tax credits, deductions, and rebates for energy improvements don't apply to you.

If you meet all these criteria, then your plant IS as efficient as it can be. So as the man says, "I salute you."



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