Friday, August 06, 2010

Live Seminar: Energy Cost Control: How the Money Works

This two-hour online seminar will be conducted at 11:00 am eastern time on Friday August 13, 2010. Attendees earn .2 CEU or 2 PDH. For more information and registration, click here.

Virtually all facilities have potential energy savings, and energy engineers can prove it. But do the directors of finance, operations, procurement, maintenance, and other departments understand what the solutions entail? After the technology is settled, the budget and spending debates begin. For many organizations, energy performance depends more on money issues than on technical feasibility. Energy managers should be prepared to demonstrate the "money" impacts of energy improvements if they want to win greater organizational support for their initiatives.

The key to implementing energy improvements is to demonstrate to other department managers "what's in it for them" should they support these efforts. This is done by showing how the net benefits of energy improvements will filter down to a facility's bottom line. Doing this will help to overcome departmental resistance to spending a dime that in reality will result in the entire organization's saving a dollar. The successful energy manager's agenda becomes a hub from which win-win solutions are distributed across departments. Instead of competing internally, departments then work collectively to improve their organization's external competitiveness.

The two-hour program will provide insight on:

* Translating the costs and benefits of energy improvements into terms that resonate with front-office managers.
* Budget and management metrics that link energy performance to fiscal performance.
* Demonstrating the linkage between energy cost control and shareholder value.
* Putting energy efficiency/procurement strategies on an equal footing with energy procurement strategies.


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