Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Energy Assessment Opportunities

(The following is taken directly from a U.S. Department of Energy announcement)

Energy Savings Assessments are no-cost or cost-shared three day industrial manufacturing energy system assessments that identify opportunities for large energy and particularly natural gas using facilities to save substantial amounts of energy. Energy Savings Assessments (ESAs) identify immediate and long-term opportunities to save energy and money in your plant, focusing on steam, process heating, compressed air, fan, or pumping systems. If your company is selected for an assessment, an ESA Energy Expert will work with you on site to identify savings opportunities. Your plant's employees will also help gather data, learn about software tools, and perform a system analysis, so they can continue to find energy savings after the assessment.

In 2007, DOE is offering new opportunities for manufacturers to take part in ESAs. In addition to process heating and steam systems, your plant could be eligible for a no-cost assessment in compressed air, fan, and pumping systems. You can also expand your options with cost-shared assessments. We invite you to join us in saving energy-and money-today!

You can participate in any of these ways:

* You can apply online for an ESA that identifies key opportunities to reduce your plant's energy use and environmental emissions while improving productivity. If your plant is selected, the assessment will be scheduled in 2007.

* Partner with ITP by cosponsoring assessments, events, and training; linking to the Save Energy Now Web site; and increasing awareness about energy efficiency and cost savings within your plant or with your customers.

* At any time, you can take advantage of the many tools and resources that ITP provides to improve your plant's energy efficiency and bottom line.

For more information, visit the Save Energy Now Web site, www.eere.energy.gov/industry/saveenergynow, or contact the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Information Center at 1-877-337-3463.



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