Sunday, August 24, 2008

Real Energy Savings: Right Here and Now

On online forum recently posed this question:

"Which technologies are likely to have the most cost-effective impact over the next 5 years or so on either climate concerns or energy security (or both)?"

My response:

A wide array of energy-efficient production, monitoring, and consumption technologies already exist. End-use savings are often derived from "mundane" items like insulation and combustion control mechanisms. Ironically, the REAL energy saver is actionable information that inspires organizations to make the energy improvements that they habitually overlook. By "information," I mean:

1. Real-time metrics that clearly connect energy usage with financial performance

2. Investment criteria that effectively link energy and financial variables in a clear "save-or-buy" decision tool-- one that allows organizations to routinely capture cost-effective energy improvement opportunities

3. Information exchanges that allow companies within a supply chain to seek partners that optimize the energy that's "embedded" across stages of value-added

This list could probably be expanded, but the common thread involves the use of management information that improves the detection, evaluation, and implementation of energy-saving initiatives. The opportunities are there-- if they are made evident to people who can make them happen.

You can see the complete discussion here.



At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would add that we can install all the technology money can buy but in the end if we do not have the sites senior official buy-in on energy efficiency and a behavior based responsive culture to sustain the technology, you can be assured that the technology benefits will begin to erode by year three. Management commitment and employee behavior are the glue that keep the energy efficiency wheels on the car.


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