Saturday, November 28, 2009

Energy Audit Videos on You Tube

Just because YOU investigate the concept of energy efficiency doesn't mean the rest of your organization (or your customer's organization) will. This is especially true for the subject of energy audits. Some education is usually necessary for people to understand the concept and what's at stake. I recommend these brief vids on YouTube as a quick and easy way to introduce the subject. These are especially valuable because the speakers are real business leaders and facility managers, not salesmen with a product to sell.

Denton Municipal Electric Business Energy Audit – 3 min 33 sec
A real basic intro.

“Energy Smart” – 2 min 55 sec
Minnesota plant managers talk about their energy management experiences.
“How to Make Energy Audits Work for Your Building”
A video intended for facility managers. – 3 min 34 sec

“The Treasure Hunt Team in Action” - 2 min 25 sec
Produced by GE, looking at their manufacturing facilities. This is ideal for those organizations that just can't bear to spend money on a proper energy audit.

“A Treasure Hunt at Universal Studios is Full of Surprises” - 3 min 28 sec
Note the reference to lean/kaizen concepts.



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