Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Executive Checklist for Energy Cost Control

The National Association of Manufacturers recently took a major step forward in promoting energy efficiency to its member companies. A June 11, 2007 press release announces NAM’s partnering with the U.S. Department of Energy to promote energy efficiency “best practices.” Finally, and thanks to NAM, the industrial energy efficiency message is being directed to a corporate audience. Energy management concepts have yet to be fully developed in most organizations. The following is a checklist to help executives follow through on NAM’s message:

Understand the dollar magnitude of energy consumption, waste, and potential savings:
The Industrial Sector: Energy Use and Waste
Energy Savings: See What You're Missing!
What CAN you save? What WILL you save?

Where do you begin?

Energy Management: Prevailing Strategies
Checklist for Securing a Successful Energy Audit
Energy Management Business Tools: Risk, Time, and Money

To whom in your organization will you delegate energy cost control?

Energy Cost Control: Projects or Process?
Defining Energy Efficiency: Engineer vs. Plant Manager
The Hunters and Farmers of Energy Savings

Who else will be involved or impacted?

Business Risks for Energy Consumers
About Energy Audits: An Open Letter to Procurement Directors

Prepare to overcome some barriers...

Why Does Industry Resist Energy Management?
Wanted: Amnesty for Yesterday's Energy Waste
Energy's Unintended Value
We're Already as Efficient as We Can Be!
Energy Management: Attempting Progress Without Change?
Challenge to “Rear-View Mirror” Energy Management
Seven Deadly Sins of Energy Cost Control

Know “how the money works” when pursuing energy management...

How Waste Raises the “Price” of Energy
Capital “Secrets” of Energy Cost Control
Beware of “Fugitive” Energy Costs
Payback on Energy Projects, Part 1
Payback on Energy Projects, Part 2
Payback on Energy Projects, Part 3
Energy At-Risk: Make-or-Buy?

...and use any available help.
Energy Cost Control: How Uncle Sam Helps Industry
Energy Audit Help for Small and Mid-Sized Plants
Energy Efficiency & Management Links
Energy Calculators and Benchmarking Tools



At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an excellent single site summary of an Executive Checklist for Industrial Manufacturers and the Energy management challenges.
I will take the time to read much of this content.

We have technology that saves precious resources, being Energy, Water and Mainteance due to the nature of our control dynamics and our products construction materials.
The challenge in selling any new technology to traditional installed processes is seeking to ensure the applied costs of the technology in the process area are well understood and with this comes great payback results.

The use of technology in executing energy savings must sometimes be allocated new capital and thought capital by the plants to consider process change in support of the drive by the manufacturer to secure the savings.

thanks and you no doubt will scratch this out of the posting, but take a look at us


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